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The main focus of Bonitás Asset Management PLC is venture capital investment.

The goal of the venture capital funds managed by the company is to provide financing to early scale up stage companies with innovative products/services or business model and high growth potential. With the invesment the company has the opportunity to meet its product development, go-to-market, expansion and business development goals.

The main focus of Bonitás Asset Management is venture capital investment. The goal of the venture capital funds managed by the company is to provide financing to early scale up stage companies with innovative products/services or business model and high growth potential. With the invesment the company has the opportunity to meet its product development, go-to-market, expansion and business development goals.
The incoming projects go through a multi-step thorough analysis and due diligence process. In case of favorable decision the fund invests into the company for which the fund gets shares in return.

The venture capital funds managed by the company provide financing to domestic companies for innovative developments and market expansion needs. The asset management actively manages and helps its portfolio companies’ roadmap with extensive market network and financial experience.
Bonitás also provides numerous extra services that help the founder in long term company value increase:

  • Helps in financial planning and intellectual property matters with professional network.
  • Helps to create the portfolio company’s financial, administrative and business processes, implements well-tried monitoring system.
  • Helps the management with extensive network in numerous industries including in HR finding the relevant experts.
  • Helps the sales and lead generation with business network.
  • Supports the company preparing and organizing for following investment rounds with international network.

Bonitás team

Gábor Kvancz
Gábor Kvancz
Chairman of the Board

Started his career at Strabag Holding’s treasury. Then he worked at Metro Holding Hungary and Diageo as a controller, then he became leading controller at Bonitás 2002 Kft. In addition to preparing group-level reports, he participated in several acquisitions in Hungary (Tendre Kft, Szinva Zrt, Sole-MiZo Serbian acquisition, romanian expansion). Since 2009, he has been managing the controlling activities of the group as the company manager of Bonitás 2002 Zrt. CEO of Bonitás 2002 Zrt. since 2015 and member of the board of Bonitás Asset Management since 2012 and chairman of the board since 2014.

Gábor Kiss
Gábor Kiss

He became an investment expert at PortfoLion Venture Capital Asset Management Ltd., managing professional supervision and analysis activities. He was involved in the operative financial management of several portfolio companies and was responsible for the management of the unified monitoring system. He has contributed to more than 20 venture capital investments, Investment Director of Bonitas since 2013, member of the Board of Directors since 2014, and CEO since 2019.

László Jánoki
László Jánoki
Investment director

He has extensive experience in M&A and venture capital advisory. As an investment analyst, he deepened his expertise in financial modeling, company valuation and market analysis at Alliance Jura Hongrie Venture Capital Asset Management Ltd. Has played a prominent role in more than 15 venture capital investment and acquisition transactions in the last 5 years. He joined the Bonitás team in 2016.

András Borbély
András Borbély
Investment Director

He has been working in the startup world for more than 10 years on both the investment side (business accelerator and VC Funds) and the startup side, as an investment specialist and a manager of startup companies. As a financial advisor and investment manager, he has also been involved in larger private equity transactions. He joined the Bonitás team in 2020 as an investment director.

László Ákos Németh
László Ákos Németh
Investment Director

He has 11 years of management experience in various international companies. (Arthur Andersen, Citibank, Citroen, OMD) He worked as an M&A consultant, business and investment director, in which roles he was involved in the closing of about two dozen investments.

Ákos Bogáthy
Ákos Bogáthy
Investmen Analyst

During his undergraduate studies, he worked in corporate finance at General Electric and in market risk department of Citi’s investment banking branch. After graduation he was primarily involved in business consulting at the consulting company KPMG, then  his professional experience was shaped in the energy sector as a risk manager at ELMŰ Zrt. He joined Bonitás team in November 2020 as an investment analyst.

Katalin Erdész
Katalin Erdész
Back Office Manager

She started his professional career as an accounting manager of a research institute, then for more than ten years she was the chief accountant of OTP Securities Rt. After that, she spent another ten years in the OTP Group as the back office director of OTP Real Estate Investment Fund, where she was responsible for the tax affairs, reports and calculation of the net asset value. He joined the Bonitas team in August 2020.

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All that is required is that the registered office must be either in Hungary, (but not in Pest County or Budapest), or it may be a foreign-based enterprise with a location in Hungary.

It does not need any collateral. This is attributed to bank financing. The investor invests because it is hoping in the success of the project and expects a return on future returns.

Bonitás usually asks for membership in the supervisory board or board of directors, typically does not intervene in operational matters, but spending above a certain amount requires investor consent.

Venture capital financing means, on the one hand, the long-term financing of innovative, publicly not listed companies with high growth potential, and, on the other hand, the financing of companies that are already in an expansive phase. Venture capital investment is not a bank loan, therefore its disbursement is not conditional on the provision of various collateral. Venture capital investment is typically done through a capital increase rather than a share purchase.

Venture capitalists invest primarily in start-ups or start-ups. they are willing to take the higher risk associated with higher returns with high growth potential. In addition to mere financing, the venture capital investor also supports the operation and business development of the company thanks to its own business experience, network and corporate governance knowledge.

Venture capital funds can offer capital in the range of a few hundred thousand to several million euros to companies at different stages of their lives.

  • Seed capital is usually used in the earliest stages of a company’s life to develop a business concept, map the market, and prepare a business plan.
  • So-called start-up capital is provided by investors to target companies that already have a mature business concept, but do not sell their product yet on a business-like basis and are not yet profitable, and may not even have sales revenue. The purpose of the start-up capital investment is usually to finance product development, start production and enter the market.
  • The so-called growth capital funds finance the growth of already operating companies with appropriate management, in the order of several million euros.
  • Private equity funds enter into the highest value transactions (tens or hundreds of millions of euros) with companies at a mature stage in their lives.

A venture capitalist asks himself four basic questions before making investment exposure.

  • Is a strong team is available
  • How much growth the company is able to grow
  • How unique and innovative the product is
  • How quickly the investment can be returned
  • Is there an exit potential

By innovation we mean a

  1. Technological,
  2. Procedural and,
  3. Business model innovation.

Bonitás focuses on the target areas defined by the National Smart Specialization Strategy (S3). These are:

  1. agricultural innovation
  2. infocommunication technologies
  3. the health care industry
  4. advanced automotive and other mechanical technologies
  5. renewable energies
  6. environmental technologies

The investments preferred by Bonitás fall in the range of 750k – 3m EUR

There are some templates on our website. The first document submitted does not have to be a complete business plan, a so-called onepager or a 2-3 page (so-called. teaser) is enough.

Provided by the company

  • has a clear business vision,
  • has a prepared, competent management,
  • has a well-developed business and financial plans, and
  • has an adequate market knowledge,

the investment decision can be made in 2-6 months.

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